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The museum project in Bussigny is launched! Click here 

Latest news        Version française

The Bolo Museum 2.0 is expected to be built in 2021.
Help us achieve this goal!

The inhabitants of Bussigny will vote on Sept. 23rd. More information here.

The support committee of the project needs your help!

5,000 computers and video game consoles, 8,000 software, 15,000 books and magazines


All of this is in danger and could disappear. Support us to save this historic legacy!


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The Future can only be enlightened by the light of the Past.

There was a life before smartphones!


Since 2002, we have shown you the path taken by Computer Science from its creation to the present day.


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Every donation counts, we need you!

Larger, more diverse and more interactive


The Bolo Museum will soon become the Musée du numérique (Museum of Digital Culture), that will offer a reflection about the place taken by the Computer Science in the society of the past, present and future.


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The Museum of Digital Culture will be the missing link between early Computer Science and the actual connected era.

The Team behind the machines


The museum can only exist by the help of volunteers. Your donation will help us with the running cost.


Join the team

Your computer has a history!